This is Why The Midnight Scoop Scoops Ice Cream So Well1

Current ice cream scoops are designed in a way that forces you to use weak wrist joints to scoop ice cream. When you are scooping ice cream with standard ice cream scoops, you are doing a prying motion. This prying motion puts tremendous amounts of stress on your weak wrist joints. Your brain tries to prevent wrist injuries by not letting you pry very hard--thus making scooping ice cream very difficult.

The magic of the Midnight Scoop is the curved handle. It makes it much easier to scoop hard ice cream. You hold the curved end with the palm of your hand and "push" into the ice cream. This allows you to keep your wrists straight and protected while you push using larger muscles like your arms and chest. This is how to scoop ice cream.

The handle is long enough to help you reach all parts of a giant container of ice cream while remaining narrow enough to fit inside a small pint sized container. The front of the scoop is sharp to help cut through ice cream. The scoop is made of solid 6061 aerospace grade aluminum which we give a lifetime guarantee if it were to break. The Midnight Scoop works exceptionally well with hard-frozen ice cream. No more waiting to thaw. No more wrist injuries.Sure, there are heated ice cream scoops out there. But who wants melted ice cream? The Midnight Scoop allows you to serve the coldest/hardest ice cream NOW!

Don't let your brain tell you not to scoop harder because it is afraid to hurt your wrists. Scoop through hard ice cream easily and correctly by using the beautiful...Midnight Scoop!