Midnight Scoop is almost ready to take off!

Midnight Scoop is almost ready to take off!

Hello All! 

Midnight Scoop is almost ready to open it's doors! A few weeks of messing with format and making sure everything is the way we want it and all the links are working - and now we're here!  


If you haven't checked out our "about us" section, please do so now.


Who even knows who invented the ice cream scoop - we're more focused on re-inventing it! There have been heated ice cream scoops, electric ice cream scoops, stainless steel ice cream scoops, antifreeze ice cream scoops, and pretty much any combination of things under the sun aimed at making the ice cream scoop better. We took all of those and pushed it a step further - while remaining as functional as possible. No batteries to replace, yet you still get heat transference with aluminum. Shaped to be both comfortable and functional - it lets you apply as much force as you want to hard ice cream, with no risk to yourself when compared to traditional ice cream spoons and ice cream spaces. No matter what ice cream recipes you are using, the Midnight Scoop will be strong enough to cut through layers of chocolate, peanut butter cups, frozen fruit, and bands or caramel. Scooping ice cream will be a breeze with the best ice cream scoop available on the market.


Our plans: 


  • We are planning on starting a Kickstarter campaign in the near (or distant) future - we have our design nailed down, but need some funding in order to start production and distribution. We're thinking custom colors for Kickstarter supporters and fun things like that.. ;)  
  • Midnight Scoop is also looking at opening our online store once we have inventory and have decided on finishes and colors - which will be located at this website under the "store" section! 
  • In this digital age, we want the social media aspect of our company to be both thriving and engaging. Furthermore, we will be on our pages calling you out or responding to what you say! 
  • Feel free to visit our store, read our FAQ's, or see what we're all about! 





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