Our Story

Our mission is to introduce new ergonomic products that thoughtfully raise the standard of how kitchen tools are designed. The goal of our design is to make your life easier in the kitchen.

You might be wondering how our design came to life. It all started one night at midnight when Michael Chou, an aerospace engineer and the founder of this company, had the “aha” moment. Subconsciously, he realized that in order to protect his wrist from the discomforts of scooping tremendous amounts of ice cream for his kids, he had to design an ergonomic scoop. There had to be a smarter and easier way to scoop cold, hard ice cream, right? As many of you know, ergonomic products are focused on comfortability, efficiency, and safety. Taking this idea and developing countless redesigns and prototypes, the Midnight Scoop was born. The name of the product is a reminder of the many nights spent perfecting a smart ice cream scoop design. "Midnight" would come and go, and Michael would still be working. The end product is a beautiful heirloom-quality ice cream scoop design that is...perfect.

Michael launched the company in 2013 and Midnight Scoop became the world's first ergonomic ice cream scoop. It was featured in multiple magazines and articles. It became a passion to many people as much it did to us- and remains to this day.

Years after the success of the Midnight Scoop, Michael discovered another kitchen utensil that vastly needed improvement. In 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic when fear was at its worst, many restaurants and fast-food places were closed. Michael didn’t want to risk getting his family infected from COVID-19 so he tried his best to make his own food. He bought frozen pizza from the grocery stores and also made it from scratch. His biggest issue was not having a proper pizza slicer that he liked to use. Michael found many pizza cutters uncomfortable to hold, unable to cut, and impossible to clean. He decided it was time to develop a new design. Michael also spent countless nights designing the Midnight Slice from the handle to the blade. 

Midnight Kitchen Tools proudly continues to design products the right way that last forever.

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Launch of Midnight Scoop


Midnight scoop first on kickstarter


Media goes wild for the midnight scoop (huffington post, the kitchn etc)


Over 10K scoops sold


Oprah’s favorite things


Midnight scoop sold overseas for the first time in the UK


First design of Midnight Slice comes to life


Midnight Slice is launched + change company’s name from Midnight Scoop to Midnight Kitchen Tools