Ice Cream Scoop Design

The Midnight Scoop – Why It Stands Out

The Midnight Scoop is an amazing piece of engineering. However, you may be wondering what exactly makes the Midnight scoop stand out. There are a few things that cause the Midnight Scoop to truly shine in the world of ice cream scoops. Here are two:



When it comes to ice cream scoops, it is rare to find one that is shaped for your hand. The Midnight Scoop is a curved long-handle ice cream scoop, and that is what makes it extraordinary. Unlike traditional scoops, it allows you to use the muscles of your arm and chest rather than your wrist. These strong muscles let you scoop without straining your wrist. This is the most efficient way to scoop because you are digging through the ice cream, rather than prying it. The long-handle ice cream scoop design allows you to scoop more efficiently. You will never look back after the Midnight Scoop.


There are a lot of ice cream scoops out there that think the solution to cold, hard ice cream is to heat the bowl of the scoop. This comes with an obvious problem though: heated bowls melt or soften ice cream! No one wants to have their ice cream melt. We came up with a solution for that. The Midnight is a sharp ice cream scoop. The bowl of the Midnight scoop is edged, so it can dig through the coldest ice cream with only a little help from you. There is no better solution than the Midnight Scoop for your hard ice cream, and you’ll realize soon enough just how great this sharp ice cream scoop really is. The Midnight Scoop is also dishwasher safe, so don’t be afraid to toss it in with all of your other dishes.