Press Release - One Week into Kickstarter!

Midnight Scoop Inc. is Doing Amazing Things on Kickstarter!


By Michael Cedar

September 11, 2014


South Lyon, MI  Locally owned Midnight Scoop has passed 65% funding on their 30 day Kickstarter campaign that started on September 2nd, 2014. will lead directly to both the Kickstarter campaign and the Midnight Scoop website.


Midnight Scoop is launching an ice cream scoop that will change the way ice cream is scooped forever. Weak wrist muscles and joints have traditionally been used for scooping ice cream. The Midnight Scoop was designed specifically to protect your wrist and allow you to use larger arm and chest muscles. The magic is in the handle where it has a nice ergonomic curve allowing you to push into ice cream. Hard ice cream is no longer an obstacle!


The Midnight Scoop Ice Cream Scooper is made of solid hot-forged 6061 aluminum, handcrafted, and coming in multiple industrial-grade coatings. The Midnight Scoop is built to last forever. Owner Michael Chou obsessed with building a product that only needed to be bought once. And he did just that.


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About Midnight Scoop, Inc

Midnight Scoop is a locally-owned small business in South Lyon, MI. The President and CEO - Michael Chou - is an engineer by trade, who was obsessed with "finding a better way to scoop ice cream". The company is based around the same principles that the Scoop itself is - "build something the right way and make it last."