How to sharpen your pizza cutter?

How to sharpen your pizza cutter?

Why do pizza cutters tend to lose their sharpness? 

We have all dealt with a dull pizza cutter at some point during our lives. Some pizza cutters drag your cheese and toppings when you slice. Others don’t even slice through. You have to make back and forth cuts on your pizza making the process messy and not so smooth. 

Why not push the wheel forward once and that’s it!! Ease the frustration.

Well, it all relies on the cutter’s material and how thick the blade is. Traditional pizza cutters are not made with 100% stainless steel, which is one important component that resists corrosion. Also, while traditional pizza cutter blades are sharp when you buy them, they’re designed very thin and will eventually lose their material and sharpness after a number of uses. That’s why we designed the Midnight Slice with optimum blade engineering in mind. Our engineers precision designed the blade’s material (100% stainless steel), thickness (3x the traditional pizza cutter’s blade) and sharpness. Chefs and home cooks all over the world appreciate our concept.


Let’s show you an easy and simple step by step process of how you can keep your pizza cutter sharp whenever you’re slicing your pizza, veggies, herbs, and more.   

*Note, if you own a Midnight Slice, it might not be necessary to sharpen it because of its great wheel design and lifetime warranty. But, it all still depends on your preference and usage. Some people prefer sharpening it every other use and others every month or every year and so on.

Step 1: The Midnight Slice’s wheel is easily removable; first, unscrew the wheel-tightened screw and take the blade out. 

Step 2: Use a flat whetstone that you can purchase from Amazon or other stores. 

Step 3: Hold the whetstone at an angle in one hand or keep it flat on a surface. On the other hand, hold the cutter’s blade from the side and start by grinding the wheel onto the whetstone. 

Step 4: Keep rotating the blade while sharpening 

Step 5: Make sure to flip the wheel on the other side for the material to sharpen 

Step 6: Finally, wash your cutter. If you have the Midnight Slice, you can just toss it in the dishwasher for a quick rinse

You can watch this video to see how our founder, Michael Chou, sharpens his pizza cutter 

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