Launching a New Product Into the World

Launching a New Product Into the World

Midnight Kitchen Tools is super thrilled to announce the launch of a new product that we have been working on. The Midnight Slice will be launched on Kickstarter on Tuesday, May 11th. With countless sleepless nights to perfect the ergonomic design, the Midnight Slice is aiming to be the world’s first ergonomic pizza/food cutter.

Key details of the Midnight Slice: 

With only 3 removable parts (ergonomic handle, the sharp cutting wheel, and the wheel-tightened screw), the slicer is designed to be simple and durable. While it is a pizza cutter, it is so versatile that it can cut through different foods like quesadillas, brownies, bread, veggies, pies, and more. 

Ergonomic design:

One of the most important parts of the design is the curved ergonomic handle. This part, along with the grooves in the underside, helps you use your stronger chest and arm muscles instead of your weaker wrist joints. When slicing into your food, you’re exerting the force from your chest/arm muscles keeping the wrist straight and avoiding any discomfort or injury.

The curvature in the front of the handle near the blade helps keep the wheel aligned and balanced while you apply the force. 


The blade is 3x thicker than traditional pizza cutters. The blade’s thickness has more material to sharpen if needed which is a quality that makes it last longer. Its sharpness and thickness allows you to cut through hard and thick pizza with ease. 

Dishwasher Safe:

The Midnight Slice is 100 % stainless steel which makes it 100% dishwasher safe. Toss it in the dishwasher for a quick rinse and it should be all good. 


If you drop it, throw it, or drive over it, nothing will happen to it… that’s how sturdy it is. The main ingredient that gives it a great coverage is the 300 series stainless steel which is anticorrosive and long lasting. 

Our Kickstarter launch will have one of the best deals of all times...30% OFF on the first day make sure you mark your calendar to get the best deal. 

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