Midnighters!! Get your pizza ready because we’re LAUNCHING the Midnight Slice today on Kickstarter! 

Some details you might need to know about our Kickstarter campaign: 


We’ll have a super early bird discount of 30% off the retail price. May 11th at 12PM EST is the only day we’ll have this discount and it’ll end on May 12th at 5PM EST.  

We’ve included the original 100% stainless steel Midnight Scoop in some of the reward bundle sections. First day is a great day to get a discount for both products when you back us. 


You’ll be able to add as many slicers and scoops as you want as an add-on. The add-on prices are also discounted. 


Shipping for the products will be delivered by November. However, if you back us early, a few lucky supporters might get theirs as early as August.  


We’re super excited for this campaign and to have supporters like you change the way kitchen tools are designed. 

The Midnight Slice is NOW LIVE on Kickstarter, and is ready for backers!! Make it you!